The One Motorcycle Show 2014 Recap

If Kevin has an "off" switch, you wouldn't know it. Even when we aren't under deadlines, there is always a project that needs just a few more hours of work before he can leave the shop at night. Leading up to The One Motorcycle Show, anybody that needed to talk to him would have to try and get through the mental barrier that Kevin had inadvertently put up so that he focused solely on the task at hand. This dedication and hard work almost always pays off, but due to weather related delays, Kevin made it to Portland behind schedule and it looked like the bikes had a faint chance of arriving even three days later than planned. Unfortunately, six other builders were unable to make it to Portland because of the weather. Between the Portland "snowpocalypse" and many delayed or redirected travel arrangements, I'm sure it made for an unforgettable experience for those that attended The One Show.

To read Kevin's recap of The One Show check out his post here on Cafe Racer XXX. Photos below courtesy of Natalee DeHart.